Why Listing Early Is Critical to Vacation Rental Success

The way we plan vacations has changed. These days it’s all about wanting choice. No longer do we wait to book a rental property a few weeks before we’re set to jet off; instead, we book as early as possible, when we have many different properties to choose from.  

Listing your vacation rental early means that you’re catering to the modern vacationer. You’ll also have a much better chance of securing a full rental calendar and more bookings at full-price rates.

Here at Vantage Myrtle Beach, we’re committed to helping you get as many bookings as possible, and after over a decade in the business, we have seen just how much listing early can benefit you as a property owner. It means higher revenue throughout the year, additional bookings in every season and a greater chance of acquiring early bird bookings from return renters. Many love to plan their summer vacations soon after they’ve said goodbye to a great week or two on the Grand Strand.

We don’t have to tell you why so many people want to book a getaway to Myrtle Beach, SC. And because of the great weather in the south, those summer bookings are extending into spring and fall. If you list soon, you’ll be sure to grab expanding spring bookings and help those new to the area find your property.

Much more than a worm

If your concept of an early listing means after 2020 has rolled in, think again. We at Vantage Myrtle Beach recommend listing before October 31 to really put your rental ahead of competing properties.

While you might feel like you just kissed summer goodbye, especially in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, having your listing up before the holidays has a big impact.

When family and friends are communicating about Thanksgiving plans or are seated around the table together ready to carve the turkey, vacation plans are sure to be in the conversation mix. Families and friends will be pondering their next reunion, one that could be spent at the beach.  

It’s much easier to hash out the details of a great get-together when everyone is in one place, so the holidays are an ideal time to start summer trip planning. The way people now book vacations is one of the major reasons why you want to be sure that your listing is up—and updated—early and that you have your rates and personal calendar finalized before the holiday sprint begins in November. You’ll see a big impact if you have your property listed for additional weeks or months.

The numbers speak for themselves  

Recently we’ve seen that owners who relisted their property prior to October 31 earned an average of 9.6 more nights than those who relisted prior to December 31, and 16.22 more nights than those who waited until after January 1.

This included not just summer bookings, but a noticeable jump up in offseason bookings as well. For owners who relisted prior to October 31, they had an average of 31.2% more off-season bookings than those who relisted before December 31, and 35% more than those who waited until after January 1.

It pays—literally!—to list your rental property as early as possible.

Early bird bookings are increasingly popular  

It may not even be Halloween, but things are getting mighty busy at Vantage Myrtle Beach. We have multiple units with six full weeks booked. From North Myrtle Beach to downtown properties, rentals are heating up fast.

Be sure to get in on 2019 bookings for 2020 and benefit from:

  • More marketing exposure. An earlier marketing launch gets your property in front of more guests and gives you a big jump on the competition. It also allows your property to ramp up in OTA algorithms and participate in more valuable Vantage campaigns and promotions.
  • Advanced reservations from early bookers. These reservations come particularly from guests who booked with Vantage in 2019 and are anxious to finalize their 2020 vacation plans. We’ve learned that it’s best to capture guests’ attention while the vacation memories are still fresh in their minds.
  • More bookings at your full-price rate. As a property owner, you know that early rentals mean better rates. If you list early, your chance at full-price bookings is much higher, and you can avoid discounted rental rates once the season arrives and guests begin negotiating prices.  
  • More off-season reservations. Listing early means you’ll be maximizing your vacation rental’s earning potential with more peak season reservations and off-season reservations. We’ve seen a trend of off-season guests booking last-minute getaways, thanks to the great off-season events that Myrtle Beach, SC, hosts all year round.  

Enter 2020 with a full rental calendar—relist today!

Leap over the competition by getting it online early.

Don’t make the mistake of waiting until next year to relist your Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, rental property. Leap over the competition by getting it online early. We at Vantage Myrtle Beach are standing by and ready to help!

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