Planning a Beach Wedding in Myrtle Beach, SC

Are You Planning a Magical Beach Wedding in Myrtle Beach?

two hands with wedding ringsMyrtle Beach, South Carolina, presents the perfect setting for your destination wedding: sand beneath your toes, sun shining, waves crashing in the background—nothing says love like the ambiance of a beach ceremony.

Beach weddings can pose some interesting challenges you may not encounter with more traditional venues. But with the right planning and considerations, you can orchestrate something truly magical and memorable. Here are the most important aspects to keep in mind when you’re planning to have your wedding in Myrtle Beach, SC.

Know the lay of the land

As you get ready for your big day, determine if you are going to walk down the aisle and celebrate within the City of Myrtle Beach, in North Myrtle Beach or somewhere outside of city limits. The regulations for each area differ, so you’ll want to check in advance and plan accordingly. For example, in North Myrtle Beach, alcohol isn’t allowed on the beach, and you can’t walk on the dunes. After you decide on a general location, obtain your local marriage license.

Don’t forget to check to see if there are any special Myrtle Beach events occurring at the same time as your ceremony, which could draw lots of folks in and disrupt your plans.

shoes optional sign on beachSettle on a space: public, private or resort

Once you have decided the basics, your next big choice is deciding where you will hold your ceremony and reception. A public beach might save you the most money, but having your nuptials there means just about anyone can join the fun. (On the other hand, you’re sure to gets lots of spirited applause from onlookers!) Depending on where you decide to conduct your ceremony, though, you might be able to reserve a spot. In the City of Myrtle Beach, SC, you can obtain facility permits by contacting City Hall at 843-918-1008.

A private beach affords lots of seclusion, and restaurants and hotels near or on the beach provide views of the ocean and double as reception venues. They’ll tend to run a higher bill, however, than if you tie the knot on a public beach.

Luckily, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, offers plenty of venue options.

Take in the sunset

During the summer and late spring in Myrtle Beach, it promises to be scorching in the afternoon. Evening and morning ceremonies—with sunsets or sunrises—offer cooler alternatives with striking views. Your bridal party and other guests—especially older and younger ones—will thank you for sparing them from the heat. Plus, your photos will likely come out incredibly with everyone glistening less.

Moreover, you can seize the opportunity to enjoy your first kiss as a couple while the sun sets or rises in a dazzling array of color over the horizon.

Opt for appropriate—and comfortable—attirebridesmaids in dresses

When you walk down the sandy aisle, you want to be comfortable, so ditch the cumbersome and sizzling ball gown. Instead, you, your groom and your bridal party should wear lightweight fabric and colors—linen and cotton are excellent choices. Consider ditching the jackets for men.

While you’re at it, check the weather and keep an eye on the wind. If it promises to get gusty, forego the lengthy veil. Finally, leave behind the heels—you don’t want to sink into the sand. Wear flat sandals or wedges instead. You can even go barefoot for the full magical Myrtle Beach wedding experience.

Amplify your love

Your guests will surely want to hear the vows you’ve spent countless hours polishing and revising. The problem is, the waves in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, might be roaring, and you don’t want to try to compete with them when proclaiming your love. Even if you plan to simply repeat after the officiant, consider renting a microphone and amps—especially if you’re filming the proceedings as a keepsake.

Perfect the spreadwedding cake

People always remember the food. From the first bite to dessert, you’ll want to master the meals that you serve at your reception. Outdoor dining—especially on the beach—demands more attention to detail. Think light fare, and prevent cheeses and cream-based items from sitting in the sun. Also, be sure to serve plenty of water to hydrate your guests, and offer bubbly wines that are sure to refresh everyone.

For your wedding cake, ask your baker about the best options for fillings and other ingredients. Inquire about fondant; it’s often a better choice for summer than buttercream. Red velvet also does well.

Bolster your bouquet

Not all annuals can hold up to the heat and humidity of Myrtle Beach, SC, during peak summer season. When you plan your ceremony, you’ll want to pay special attention to building your bridal bouquet and choosing the right varieties for the flower girl. Pick flowers that do well in tropical weather: chrysanthemums, plumeria, orchids, calla lilies and king protea all make excellent choices for their looks and durability.

Make the magic happenhappy people at wedding

Now that you’re ready to plan your dream destination wedding and say, “I do” in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, our friendly Vantage reservation specialists are here to help with accommodations. Contact us at (888) 303-4110 to book rental properties for you and all of your guests. Or browse and book direct at



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