There’s a lot of competition for vacation rental properties in Myrtle Beach, SC. How can you make yours stand out? As property management experts, Vantage knows. And we’re happy to share our pro tips with you. In our last article, we provided a basic guide to all the essentials and amenities that Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, visitors expect from your property. In this article, we’re going to take things up a notch. You can raise your ratings, your return bookings and your rental income by raising the bar. The key here is to exceed expectations. You’ll want to surprise and delight. In short, you’ll want to give them things they don’t expect to find in a Myrtle Beach, SC, vacation rental. Follow these tips to elevate your property to premium and enhance the guest experience.


Roll out the red carpet

First impressions matter. This starts at the front door. These days, guests either already have, or know about, all the cool high-tech keyless locks and doorbell cameras. But that doesn’t mean they’ll expect them at your rental! Invest in a keyless entry system and text or email your guests a passcode, along with the time their property will be ready. They’ll love not having to keep track of keys—and you’ll get the added bonus of an entry audit trail. Once guests enter your property, you have another opportunity to surprise and impress. Greet them with a beautifully arranged and stocked welcome basket. It can contain snacks, wine, coffee, postcards, beach towels…you name it. Be sure to hand-write a welcome note and affix it to the top of the basket. It’s a relatively small gesture that can go a very long way.


Amp up the ambiance

Nothing caps a romantic getaway like a soak in the hot tub, surrounded by bubbles and jets. A hot tub is not only luxurious, it’s a much smaller investment than a swimming pool. The maintenance costs are lower, too. Stock extra towels. Toss in terrycloth robes and complimentary slippers, and you’ll have guests lining up to rent your property. A fireplace sets a similar mood. If your property has one that’s been sealed off, get a pro to un-seal it and make it operable again. Even an electric fireplace adds an elite aura—it’s especially decadent after, say, a chilly day at the beach.



Ramp up the rainy day fun

The weather in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, can turn on a dime. For those rainy days—and for those guests who simply want to de-stress and unwind—there are lots of luxurious indoor amenities you can offer. As we’d mentioned in our earlier article, you’ll want to provide a wide variety of fast, reliable streaming entertainment. This means a quick connection and options like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon. (It also means stable Wi-Fi and lots of chargers—think power strips with USB ports—for portable devices.) Install a nice stereo and leave some carefully curated music for listening. You can, and should, stock a diverse library of DVDs and books. Remember your audience: You’ll want family-friendly fare, as well as items geared specifically toward kids and adults. Want to do more? Dedicate a game room. Add a billiard or ping-pong table. Find a refurbished arcade game. Stock an enticing selection of board and party games; think Pictionary, Trivial Pursuit and Twister. And be sure to include coloring books—both for kids and adults—with lots of crayons and gel-tip pens.


Consider the quiet

After a boisterous day at Ripley’s Aquarium or Family Kingdom, your guests will find luxury in quiet. So serve it up! Tend to all those window and door seals. Weather-stripping and caulk go a long way. Lubricate squeaky hinges and lock sets. Add soundproofing to the laundry room so your guests don’t have to hear the rumbling and tumbling. For nighttime quiet, you can provide sleep masks, a supply of ear plugs and white noise machines.




Lux up the kitchen and bath

We mentioned a lot of great tips for the kitchen and bath of your Myrtle Beach, SC, vacation rental property in our last article. Here are a few ideas to create a more luxurious experience. Kitchen appliances are focal points. Invest in stainless steel. Splurge on affordable small appliances, like a blender (smoothies and piña coladas!), a good coffee maker and a slow cooker. A nice set of chef knives and a well-stocked spice rack can cap the offering. In the bathroom, take a cue from the five-star hotels. Provide soap, shampoo, conditioner and lotion in elegant dispensers or in single-use containers. Luxury means “where you don’t expect it,” so wow your guests with add-ons like a curling iron and complimentary mouthwash. In the bedroom, premium pillow-top bedding, memory-foam mattresses and a variety of pillows will satisfy even the pickiest of guests—and boost your reviews and return bookings.

We can help

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