How to Know It’s Time to Switch Your Rental Management Company

Your Myrtle Beach vacation home is one of your most important investments—you deserve to have a property management company that treats it that way.

Sadly, many management companies don’t deliver on their promises. They guarantee maximum service for minimum dollar, but that’s easier said than done. (Otherwise, everyone would do it.) If you have nagging doubts that your rental management company is simply doing small repairs and collecting rent, and not truly going the distance for you every season, then it’s time to trust your instincts and start looking elsewhere.

Vantage has been in the rental management industry for twelve years. We know the difference between above and beyond and not nearly enough. We want to make sure that you understand that difference, too.

Take a look at these eight major warning signs and characteristics of inferior rental management. If you recognize any, it’s time for a change.  

#1: Poor communication

Regular contact is a key indicator of a good rental management company. Does your company answer your calls and emails in a timely fashion? Do they reach out to you proactively with ideas or questions? A rental management company should always be responsive and make you feel like they are looking out for your best interests.

#2: Untrustworthy

You have to be able to trust your property management company without exception. And this trust must exist on many levels. It’s not enough to know that your property will be cared for in an emergency. You should also know you are getting the most in terms of rental income and upkeep, that the company’s leadership has integrity and that they are allowing trustworthy people into your home—guests and vendors alike. 

#3: Bad or nonexistent inspection process

A great property manager inspects your rental home before and after guests stay to make sure there is no damage and, if there is, to make sure it gets handled properly. Without this level of care, fees that should be charged to guests can slip through the cracks, leaving you to foot a hefty bill down the line.  

#4: Lack of marketing

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, is a popular destination, with good reason. That means more rental properties and hotel options hit the market each year. To make yours stand out, you need a rental management company skilled in the art of property marketing and promotion. That means featuring your property online as well as in social media, email and traditional advertising campaigns—anything and everything to get more eyeballs on your rental.

#5: Lack of innovation

Technology continues to work wonders for rental property managers, guests and owners. Booking online and managing the guest experience from afar is easier than ever. Plus, property owners have new options to offer secure, easy keyless entry for guests. Smart home and energy management innovations enable you to cut down on your utility costs. At the very least, your property management company should review all the options for you.

#6: Not feeling valued

Would you say you had a strong relationship with your property management company? Do you feel like they understand and care about what’s important to you when it comes to the upkeep of your vacation home?  You should, or you’re working with the wrong firm. Your home and time are too valuable to feel like a number. You should have no doubts that you are a top priority and you should know exactly who to contact for any issues or questions.

#7: Nothing goes easily

Renting out your Myrtle Beach property should be a worry- and hassle-free process. That means your management company should remove stress, never add to it.

Just like a good management company has pre- and post-stay communication with guests, they should always be touching base with you to assess your satisfaction and keep your workload as light as possible.  

#8: Limited accessibility

Is your management company available after hours? How about on weekends? Holidays? If not, that’s an issue. Because unexpected issues arise with little regard for the clock or the calendar. You need to know you have someone on the job and ready to jump in with solutions 24/7/365.

Is it time to make a switch?

You’ll always have one friendly person you can count on
for answers and action.

If any of the above signs resonated with you, consider making an upgrade. The Vantage team would be happy to discuss our personalized approach to property management and how we ensure satisfaction for you and your guests. We can even connect you with other homeowners who have benefited from the Vantage advantage!

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