Getting Away Is Good for Your Health

People take vacations for plenty of reasons: to go on an adventure, rest and relax or spend quality time with loved ones. But did you know taking a vacation is good for your health?

If your inclination is to find every excuse not to take a vacation, keep this in mind: Research has shown that people who take time off have lower stress, reduced risk of heart disease and a more positive mindset. Turns out, that getaway you’ve been putting off may be just what the doctor ordered.

What more incentive do you need? Take care of yourself and book that getaway. Your friends at Vantage have plenty of roomy, comfortable options for your stay at Myrtle Beach.

Say goodbye to stress

Time for a biology lesson: When you’re chronically exposed to the stress hormone cortisol, your brain structure is altered, resulting in increased levels of anxiety and depression. Taking a vacation is an excellent way to relieve yourself from the cycle of stress, according to the American Psychological Association. It recently released a study concluding that vacations reduce stress by removing people from the activities and environments they associate with stress and anxiety.

Spending less time in stressful situations and more time getting rest leads to an overall boost in well-being. Those who “always make time for regular trips” had a score of 68.4 on the Gallup-Heathway’s Well-Being Index. Less frequent vacationers come in at 51.4.

What’s more, taking vacation can help you live longer. The European Society of Cardiology studied over 1,200 men for approximately 40 years, concluding that those who didn’t use their PTO were 37% more likely to die in that timeframe than others.

Reap the benefits of focus

Vacations boost your mental stability and brain power, contributing to your performance at work. Plenty of studies have found that employees are more focused and productive upon returning from vacation.

For example, Ernst & Young found that each additional 10 hours of vacation its employees took contributed to an 8% improvement of their year-end performance ratings. Similarly, the Boston Consulting Group found that high-level professionals who were required to take time off were significantly more productive overall.

Time to get physical

All this vacation-induced mental relief has lots to do with physical health benefits. A University of Vienna study found that people experienced fewer stress-related physical complaints like headaches, backaches and heart irregularities up to five weeks after taking a vacation. The New York Times  reported that taking a vacation every two years lowers your risk of coronary heart disease or heart attacks—and that applies to both women and men who took vacations.

And of course, when you’re not spending hours at work, you have more time to get active when it’s vacation time. Even if gym time is part of your daily routine, your body benefits immensely when you get outside and change it up. Various studies suggest that just a simple walk in nature can help improve memory, reduce inflammation and lower cortisol levels.

Going on vacation is the perfect opportunity to take a break from the elliptical and opt for a sweat session in the fresh air, whether it’s a volleyball game, long walk at sunset or swim in the ocean.

Take time off, have sweeter dreams

When we’re in work mode, we often end up putting in long hours in front of backlit screens under fluorescent lights—sometimes late into the night. These habits are a recipe for poor sleep patterns.

And since our bodies heal when we sleep, ongoing sleep deficiency is linked to an increased risk of heart disease, kidney disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and stroke. Here’s the good news: Researchers say vacations interrupt the harmful patterns that disrupt our sleep.

Michael Breus, PhD, author of The Sleep Doctor’s Diet Plan: Lose Weight Through Better Sleep, explains, “When you go on vacation, you’re removed from the pressures of normal life.” The result: less stress, more sleep.

Book your vacay today

Using PTO is important for countless reasons, related to health and otherwise. Stay tuned for the next post in our series, which will provide even more incentive for booking that trip with your family.

Feel more relaxed just thinking about time away from work? Put down the green juice, pack your bags and take some PTO. Book direct now with Vantage  for the best rates. Your body will thank you.

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