Experience Life Outdoors in North Myrtle Beach: How To Pack Lightly For Your Hiking Adventures


If you’re on vacation in North Myrtle Beach, you may be happy to spend all your time sitting on a comfy beach chair gazing out at the Atlantic Ocean and soaking in the sun. Or perhaps you love the water and enjoy swimming, snorkeling, and stand-up paddle-boarding.

However, within a short distance of the beach are many fascinating nature reserves and areas with beautiful scenery that you shouldn’t miss. And with the nights drawing in and the trees donning their crimson robes, the mild autumnal weather around North Myrtle Beach makes it a great area to appreciate the beauty of nature in the fall.

So, find your sense of adventure and grab your hiking boots and backpack. Discover the walking paths of the Heritage Shores Nature Preserve, the pine forests and wet marshes of the Waccamaw National Wildlife Refuge, and the challenging trails of the Horry County Bike & Run Park.

But when you’re planning your hiking adventure, don’t overburden yourself and end up out of breath and miserable on your hike. Ensure that you take everything you need to enjoy your day but don’t overstuff your backpack by following this simple guide.

Make five lists

This is simply common sense, but most people skip this step. The best way to ensure that you take everything you need on your hike is to make a list. But it’s also a good way of making sure you don’t take too much. Putting your list in writing empowers you to be selective in your choices. I recommend 5 lists.

  • Clothes
  • Equipment
  • Toiletries
  • Essentials
  • Food & drinks


You might think you’re wearing all the clothes you need. However, if the weather changes unexpectedly, you may need a sweater or a raincoat you didn’t originally plan. When planning your hike, check out the local weather forecast to make better-informed decisions about what you might need to take along. But if you can actually wear everything you need for your hike, then there’s no need to pack anything extra.


This depends upon where you’re hiking and what you want to do there. If you’re exploring the natural beauty of the marshes near North Myrtle Beach, it’s a good idea to take along a camera. If you want to explore off the beaten trail, you’ll want a map and compass. During summer in South Carolina, you’ll definitely want some bug spray. Mosquitoes can be a problem.


When the sun is out, you’ll need sunscreen. If you’re taking your kids on a hike, pack some baby wipes. And don’t forget diapers and a disposable bag for baby’s needs.


In case of emergencies, take your cell phone, some ID, and money. If you’re driving to the trailhead, you need your driver’s license. Most importantly, if someone in your group has allergies, take an EpiPen, and if someone suffers a medical condition, ensure any medication they may require is on your list.

Food & Drinks

In South Carolina’s humid subtropical climate, hydration is Ensure you carry some bottled water. And if you’re hiking with kids, healthy snacks like fruit- or nut-based bars are a great idea. If you’re tackling some of the longer trails in the Waccamaw National Wildlife Refuge or elsewhere, you might want to take along a packed lunch.

Organize your backpack

After you’ve completed your lists, get together everything you’re taking and lay the items out on a flat surface. For a day hike near North Myrtle Beach, you shouldn’t be taking along much so a small backpack should be sufficient for your needs. If you’re planning to camp out overnight, you’ll need something larger, like a frame backpack. Select an appropriate backpack and clear it out ready for your new adventure.


While packing, cross the items off your list to ensure that you don’t double-pack anything or miss off anything essential. And pack in the following order.

Heavy items

You should pack the heaviest items first so that they sit at the bottom of your backpack. Distribute them as evenly as you can so that you are balanced while hiking and don’t suffer back strain.

Frequently used items

Anything you might need in a hurry, such as an EpiPen, needs to be near the top of your bag or in a convenient side pocket. Similarly, anything you’ll need to access frequently, like water bottles, should be readily accessible.

You’ll want your camera ready to take memorable shots of autumnal foliage, so keep it handy. The best way to carry your camera is on a strap hung around your neck.

Time to hike through those salt marshes!


Once you’ve packed everything from your 5 lists, you’re ready to go. Places like the Heritage Shores Nature Preserve enable you to observe unique ecosystems along the South Carolina coastline only a short distance away from the beach. Take your camera along to capture shots of tiny fiddler crabs and beautiful marsh birds. Take your children along to introduce them to the beauty of nature. And take yourself to escape the rat race of the modern world and rediscover a place of wonder and miracles.  

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